My daughter, Jazlyn, is anaphylactic to egg, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. When she was first diagnosed, I found it very difficult to find recipes and foods that didn't taste like "allergy" food. Over the last 15 years I have had a lot of fun developing and changing recipes so that they are safe for her. I love to share my recipes so that other families can realize how yummy "allergy" foods can taste. You don't have to sacrifice taste or your favorite foods, you just have to rethink how to make them. I made a promise to Jazzy that I would do my very best to find a way for her to eat any food she wants to try. So far I have been able to keep that promise. I hope your family enjoys these recipes as much as we do.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frozen Bread Dough Cinnamon Balls

I love finding new uses for frozen bread dough. We've made stromboli and pizza. I decided to try and make some cinnamon balls for a fun breakfast. I thawed the bread in the fridge the night before. Before we started school the next morning, I asked the girls if they wanted to make something new. I had them roll the balls, dip them in the melted margarine then in a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. They had so much fun making them and the smell while they were baking was incredible. They were so good and reminded me almost of a Cinnabon.

Frozen Bread Dough Cinnamon Balls

1 loaf frozen bread dough, thawed
1/2 cup brown sugar
1-3 tsp cinnamon
3-4 tbsp dairy free margarine, melted

Form the dough into 1-2” balls. Combine the brown sugar and cinnamon. Roll the balls into the melted margarine then into the brown sugar mixture. Place the coated balls into an 8x8 or round baking dish. Pour any remaining margarine and brown sugar mixture over the dough. Heat the stove to the lowest setting. Place the bread in the stove then turn off the heat. After 30 minutes, turn the oven to 350 then bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through. Cool for a few minutes before serving.
* If desired, drizzle with a confectioner’s sugar glaze while still hot.

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